winner! winner!

I know everyone has been eagerly patiently waiting to see if they were the lucky winner of the custom infographic… Well, a winner has been chosen (via random.org)! Congrats to Amber and a big shout out thank you to everyone who entered the giveaway! There will be more fun in the future so be sure to check back often. :)



infographic giveaway!

Hey, all you lovely mommies with adorable babies, I’m doing a giveaway of one of my custom designed infographics! You have a whole week to enter and a winner will be chosen on Friday, April 4! You can see a sample of what the infographic looks like here or here. Don’t miss out on your chance to snag one of these for free! Keep reading to find out how to enter…


You may be wondering…

Who can enter?
Anyone with a baby or kid! But keep in mind that the infographic will be designed for one child only.

Don’t live in the US?
That’s ok! Anyone in the world can enter as the final product is a digital file that I will email you.

Pregnant or baby is still really little?
No worries! You can still enter. You will have nine months to cash in your infographic!

Child isn’t a baby anymore?
That’s ok too. If you’d want an infographic done with photos of your 5 year old, I’m totally up for that!

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calli+mac | family session

Calli and Mac were such smiley and happy kids during our session. Maybe their dad stood behind me and made funny faces at them… But I still think they are just happy & fun kids in general! I also happen to work with both of their parents. So much fun to be able to work with co-workers outside of my regular job too. Lisa commented a few days after their sessions how much they enjoyed their experience at our photo shoot. She loved that it was so laid back and relaxed and not so posey — exactly what I strive for! Here are some of my favorite shots from their session.



a day in [my] life, instagram style

Raise your hand if you follow [almost] the exact same routine every single day.

Some mornings, as I drive over the Hastings bridge (which I happen to love, by the way) to bring Finley to daycare, I think, “Hmmm. Just drove over this 14 hours ago.”

Day in and day out. The same routine. Over and over and over. Occasionally, I think it’s comforting to have my little routine (after all, babies strive from routine, so I’m happy to be bettering Finley’s life). And some days — I loath it. (But that is a whole new topic to blog about.) This post is to give you a glimpse into what a typical weekday is like for me..

6:00-6:30am — Alarm!


6:00/6:30 – 7:00am — Good Morning!

Beautify. (brush teeth, shower, contacts, make-up, hair, etc)

Morning view off deck in back yard..


7:00am — Hear Finley jibber jabbering.

Good morning, pretty girl…!


Change her [gigantically puffy] diaper.

Feed her while watching the Today show and catching up on Instagram. (A habit I am making an effort to stop. The less phone in front of my baby, the better.)

 7:15am — Finish getting ready while Finley plays.


7:30am — Figure out what Finley should wear for the day (sometimes harder than deciding what I should wear!).

7:40am — Figure out what I should wear.

7:45 – 8:00am — Sometimes take a couple photos of Finley before leaving the house. (How can I not… look at that face!!)



Get Finley in carseat.

Grab something for lunch. (almost always 2% Fage greek plain yogurt with honey and granola)

Pack bag.

Make coffee.

(I used to think instant, single-packet coffee seemed so nasty without ever even trying it (for years), but then I tried it. And it’s awesome. A pack of seven [little packets] of Starbucks coffee is around $7. A buck a day isn’t bad (much cheaper than my Caribou or Starbucks habit)! My favorite is the medium roast. Or if I want to get fancy, the peppermint mocha is delicious, especially now that we are approaching the Christmas season!)

8:00am (if I’m lucky) — Out the door.

8:05am — On my drive to daycare/work, eat my homemade egg mcmuffin that my loving husband makes me nearly every morning!

8:20 – 8:35am — Drop Finley off at daycare.

8:45 – 8:55 — Arrive at Anytime Fitness Headquarters.


9:00am – 5:15pm — work work work.

Stare at this computer screen for 8 hours…


 5:20pm — Drive over Hastings Bridge along with, what seems like, 500 other vehicles.


 5:30pm — Pick up Finley (best part of my day, by far!)

6:00pm — Get home. finally.

Put jammies on Finley (we don’t lounge inside our home wearing “outfits”, we wear jammies. All of us.)

Begin making dinner.

6:30pm — Feed Finley baby food.


I switched to brown rice+quinoa+peach+banana when she finished the blueberry+apple+beet… her reaction is priceless. :)

7:00pm — Give Finley a bottle and play for awhile before getting ready for bed.

7:15pm — Bath time! (only some nights)


Get her ready for bed.

Read her her favorite book. (that I know by heart)


Put her down for the night.

Sweet dreams little one!


7:30pm — Sit down to eat dinner with Cory. finally.

8:00pm — Watch TV (well, have the TV on) while working on client photos. (finish 1-2 sessions per night)

(On Thursdays, Grey’s Anatomy and Parenthood. Who else watches these shows!? Love Parenthood.)

10:15pm — Clean bottles. Clean up kitchen. Get ready for bed.

10:30 – 11:00pm — Lights out. Set alarm. Repeat.


Anybody else have this specific of a routine? What is it? Tell me!




This was my first of seven mini sessions at Battlecreek Park in October. Aren’t they a good lookin’ family!? Graham and Rowan’s mama happens to be one of my co-workers at Anytime Fitness. Fun fact: She was leaving work to be induced to have Rowan the day I was interviewing for my job; we walked past each other! I love how one of her boys is blonde and one is brunette.. I’m dying over how gorgeous Graham’s hair is! I want some of that… :)




This was one of my three sessions when I made an overnight trip up to Fargo this fall. The unpredictable weather took a turn for the worst so our originally planned outdoor park session turned into a super fun library session! Big windows, modern furniture, colorful books, and super cool globes were much more than I expected of a library (well, except the books, I sorta thought those would be there) ;) . These three little sweeties happen to be my cousin’s kiddos! So much fun to have a reason to get together and catch up. Aren’t they cute?!




Sessions like this are so much fun, not only because I’ve been photographing these sweet boys since they were both babies, but because their mama always is on top of things when she plans their photo shoot with me. This time, she brought with superhero capes that could not be any cuter for photos! Plus their hats. LOVE. And it’s always so clear to me how much little Bennett looks up to his big brother.. I catch him looking over at him to see what he’s doing so he can be just like him! (I may have been guilty of this growing up with a big sister too!) We totally lucked out the day of their session… the forecast called for rain, but since it hadn’t started yet, we met up for the session anyway. On my way home, it poured. Here are a bunch of my favorites…



this makes me happy

Hello and welcome to the sparkly new Poppy blog! Thank you for stopping by!

Up until now, I’ve been posting “sneak peaks” for clients on my facebook page, but now will be featuring even more images from

each session here! You’ll see updates on my design work as well as new info about Poppy Apparel as it happens too.

TONS of photos to come, so check back often!