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a day in [my] life, instagram style

Raise your hand if you follow [almost] the exact same routine every single day.

Some mornings, as I drive over the Hastings bridge (which I happen to love, by the way) to bring Finley to daycare, I think, “Hmmm. Just drove over this 14 hours ago.”

Day in and day out. The same routine. Over and over and over. Occasionally, I think it’s comforting to have my little routine (after all, babies strive from routine, so I’m happy to be bettering Finley’s life). And some days — I loath it. (But that is a whole new topic to blog about.) This post is to give you a glimpse into what a typical weekday is like for me..

6:00-6:30am — Alarm!


6:00/6:30 – 7:00am — Good Morning!

Beautify. (brush teeth, shower, contacts, make-up, hair, etc)

Morning view off deck in back yard..


7:00am — Hear Finley jibber jabbering.

Good morning, pretty girl…!


Change her [gigantically puffy] diaper.

Feed her while watching the Today show and catching up on Instagram. (A habit I am making an effort to stop. The less phone in front of my baby, the better.)

 7:15am — Finish getting ready while Finley plays.


7:30am — Figure out what Finley should wear for the day (sometimes harder than deciding what I should wear!).

7:40am — Figure out what I should wear.

7:45 – 8:00am — Sometimes take a couple photos of Finley before leaving the house. (How can I not… look at that face!!)



Get Finley in carseat.

Grab something for lunch. (almost always 2% Fage greek plain yogurt with honey and granola)

Pack bag.

Make coffee.

(I used to think instant, single-packet coffee seemed so nasty without ever even trying it (for years), but then I tried it. And it’s awesome. A pack of seven [little packets] of Starbucks coffee is around $7. A buck a day isn’t bad (much cheaper than my Caribou or Starbucks habit)! My favorite is the medium roast. Or if I want to get fancy, the peppermint mocha is delicious, especially now that we are approaching the Christmas season!)

8:00am (if I’m lucky) — Out the door.

8:05am — On my drive to daycare/work, eat my homemade egg mcmuffin that my loving husband makes me nearly every morning!

8:20 – 8:35am — Drop Finley off at daycare.

8:45 – 8:55 — Arrive at Anytime Fitness Headquarters.


9:00am – 5:15pm — work work work.

Stare at this computer screen for 8 hours…


 5:20pm — Drive over Hastings Bridge along with, what seems like, 500 other vehicles.


 5:30pm — Pick up Finley (best part of my day, by far!)

6:00pm — Get home. finally.

Put jammies on Finley (we don’t lounge inside our home wearing “outfits”, we wear jammies. All of us.)

Begin making dinner.

6:30pm — Feed Finley baby food.


I switched to brown rice+quinoa+peach+banana when she finished the blueberry+apple+beet… her reaction is priceless. :)

7:00pm — Give Finley a bottle and play for awhile before getting ready for bed.

7:15pm — Bath time! (only some nights)


Get her ready for bed.

Read her her favorite book. (that I know by heart)


Put her down for the night.

Sweet dreams little one!


7:30pm — Sit down to eat dinner with Cory. finally.

8:00pm — Watch TV (well, have the TV on) while working on client photos. (finish 1-2 sessions per night)

(On Thursdays, Grey’s Anatomy and Parenthood. Who else watches these shows!? Love Parenthood.)

10:15pm — Clean bottles. Clean up kitchen. Get ready for bed.

10:30 – 11:00pm — Lights out. Set alarm. Repeat.


Anybody else have this specific of a routine? What is it? Tell me!


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