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infographic giveaway!

Hey, all you lovely mommies with adorable babies, I’m doing a giveaway of one of my custom designed infographics! You have a whole week to enter and a winner will be chosen on Friday, April 4! You can see a sample of what the infographic looks like here or here. Don’t miss out on your chance to snag one of these for free! Keep reading to find out how to enter…


You may be wondering…

Who can enter?
Anyone with a baby or kid! But keep in mind that the infographic will be designed for one child only.

Don’t live in the US?
That’s ok! Anyone in the world can enter as the final product is a digital file that I will email you.

Pregnant or baby is still really little?
No worries! You can still enter. You will have nine months to cash in your infographic!

Child isn’t a baby anymore?
That’s ok too. If you’d want an infographic done with photos of your 5 year old, I’m totally up for that!

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  1. Evelyn Cirignotta |

    Getting in my second entry to try and win one if your fabulous Infographics! :)
    The number one item I couldn’t live without during my babies first year has been my BOB jogger! Love that thing! My little guy loves riding in it and it has helped give me the motivation to get out and get back to running (our dog LUCY loves having it too)!

  2. Kristin Crawford |

    Love this and thank you for offering this giveaway.

    The favorite baby item I couldn’t live without the first year… there are actually 2.
    1) Zipadeezip (total sleep saver)
    2) Angel Dear Security balnkets (my baby girl hated pacifiers but clings to these!)

  3. Alyssa Lynde |

    Such a great giveaway! My favorite baby item is definitely the Ergo Baby Organic Carrier – my house was able to be vacuumed solely because of this gem!
    Thank you!

  4. Sara Norris |

    Love this giveaway! I had just emailed you about this! My second son just turned 1 and this time around the thing I couldn’t live without was my co sleeper that allowed mason to sleep beside the bed within arms reach but not in the actual bed. Lifesaver for those middle of the night feedings!!

  5. Daniela Caetano Basso |

    Such a good idea this infografic! I have been following you o instagram and I am in love with Finley and the pictures that you take from her. You have a beautiful family.

    The #1 item that we can’t live without so far ( baby is 6 months next thursday!) is Nosefrida. It seems gross but it’s so useful!

    Fingers crossed to win!!!!

  6. Molly |

    Hi! LOVE your work!!! My baby is going to be one in June, and I think the Sophie the giraffe is our favorite gift! He absolutely loves it, and it’s been our saving grace during the teething process!

  7. Tanya |

    I couldn’t live without the Fisher Price Rock and Play Sleeper. Such a lifesaver and many restful nights for us all.

    Love the giveaway!

  8. Danica |

    First off, this is an amazing giveaway! I’ve been following you on IG ever since I saw the 1 year infographic you made for your daughters 1st birthday- I fell in love! My son’s 1st birthday is coming up on April 17th and I would be soooooo excited if we won this! My favorite baby item for the first year (and beyond) has been my Ergo, no contest!

  9. Megan |

    My sweet girl is almost a year old, so am info graphic would be the perfect way to commemorate it! =)

  10. Molly |

    The infographic you made for your daughter was so amazing! I think the number one thing we used most during our daughter’s first year was probably the baby swing– she slept so much in that thing!

  11. Emily Bohonek |

    Thanks for the great giveaway! The baby item that I couldn’t live without would be the Uppa Baby Vista stroller! It pushes like a dream and is oh so stylish!

  12. Leah Huxtable |

    LOVE the infographic!!! And of course your amazing photography! Just downloaded the pics from our session today and ordered prints! Baby is only 8 weeks, but my fave thing throughout all of my kids’ babyhoods would have to be our Phil and teds two seater stroller. I love that two kiddos fit in but it is as narrow as a regular stroller!

  13. Danielle |

    I’m so in Loveee with your baby infographics!! You’re so incredibly talented. I’m such a fan of you and your beautiful family. Such an inspiration!
    The favorite baby item I couldn’t live without is the MamaRoo by 4Moms. It’s a power soother for sure! She loves the different motions and listening to her favorite tunes through the speakers on the bottom of the MamaRoo that the iPod connects to. She also enjoys staring and laughing at the silly monster ball mobile that’s connected to it.

    Thanks for offering this giveaway!

  14. Nancy |

    Love this giveaway! My favorite thing I got during my daughters first year was her Vulli Chan Pie Gnon. She was obsessed with it!

  15. Ivy |

    I am continents away, but I’m super excited for this giveaway! If chosen, it would be perfect for our daughter’s 1st birthday this September!

    Anyhow, if there were 2 top things I am most thankful for our baby’s 1st year, I’d choose these- 1. Pigeon cotton buds (to get those baby boogies out and clear her breathing) and 2. Physiogel AI (since our daughter is challenged by skin asthma/dermatitis).

    Here’s to getting lucky! *hee*

  16. Leslie Walker |

    I love your design of the infographics, they are really cool!

    My favorite thing I received was a superhero baby blanket/quilt to match his room it was made by my best friend, she did an amazing job!

  17. Samanths |

    Great giveaway!!! I can’t live without the rock n play sleeper! She naps so well in it!

  18. Lauran |

    What a fun giveaway!! :) My favorite baby item we had this year (my son will turn one on April 10th!) would be our Motorola video monitor…..great peace of mind!

  19. Lindsay King |

    Hard to pick just one life saving item for the first year – I guess I’d have to go with the Miracle Blanket. Out baby girl was a HORRIBLE sleeper for the first 6 months – she had to be swaddled and would break put of every swaddled we tried until we got the Miracle Blanket. We called it our baby straight jacket! Fast forward 8 months – at 14 months she is now the best sleeper.

  20. Breanna |

    Thank you for this wonderful giveaway! My top item that got us through our first year would have to be the Orbit G2 system–the infant car seat, the stroller frame and the stroller seat have made traveling with Crue a breeze and a pleasure! So versatile and so worth the investment.

  21. Kelly Tomaw |

    My favorite baby item that I couldn’t live without for the first year was my Aden + Anais swaddle/nursing blankets! So soft, breathable & made nursing in public so easy. Not to mention, they were the best swaddle blankets I ever used!

    • ami |

      Thanks for the heads up! I got it fixed. I changed my profile name to poppy_designs so that is why it didn’t work temporarily. :)

  22. Amber |

    What a lovely giveaway! This would be perfect for my little boy’s first birthday :) I have my fingers and toes crossed.

  23. Kayce Arnal |

    Love following you on instagram! … My number one baby item is the woombie swaddlers and an ergo! The woombie because my babe needs sleep and I needed sleep, and the Ergo because my oldest was only 17 months when my 2 ND was born and it was the only way to get successfully out of the house!!

  24. Lynzy |

    My little babe is 6 months, but what has been our go-to since she was born is our Mamaroo — she absolutely loves it!! She had colic for the first 3 months and it was the ONLY thing that calmed her down!

  25. Shannon |

    Our number 1 baby item is the Nosefrida! What a lifesaver over the past 2 1/2 years!

  26. Chris Crawford |

    Our daughter couldn’t live without her Angel Dear security blankets. We were originally give 3 at my wife’s baby shower and have bought 3 more as backups.

  27. Katy |

    Ah! What a fun giveaway and I’m pregnant with my first baby so I don’t know what my number one baby item will be yet…maybe a jogging stroller so that we can go on walks and get the puppy (a vizsla!) some exercise! :)

  28. Brianna |

    My little girl will be one on Wednesday and our MVP has been a white noise machine (in combination with being swaddled when she was a newborn)… She has been a wonderful sleeper & napper ever since about 4 weeks thanks to those! :)

  29. Summer |

    I just came across your infographic on pinterest and fell in love!! The wubbanub pacifiers have been our saving grace!

  30. Kendahl |

    We could not live without our boppy lounger!!! Still my most loved baby item, even with number 2! Oh, and a close runner up is H&ms organic onesies…wear and wash so well. And so soft.

  31. jd |

    the one thing that’s getting us through the first year would be the hammock! :) they’ll be one on july.

  32. Joanne Craig |

    Love it! Sophie the Giraffe has been a fabulous toy/teether this year.

  33. Leesa Dibble |

    Your Lucy Year One infographic is too adorable for words!!! The best gift we received this year was 3 months of cloth diaper service from my Mother in Law! It was awesome. Tomorrow is my Charlie’s 1st birthday and I would love to win this infographic <3

  34. Kirstin |

    Favorite item when my Finley was in the early months was our rock and play. We used it all the time for her to nap in around the house and it was great for traveling.

  35. hailey |

    most loved item I would say would be the jogging stroller. helped me get back in shape and made peanuts very happy everytime we go out. i get my exercise while she gets her dose of early morning sunshine. win-win!

  36. Leslie |

    Thanks for doing this giveaway! I found your infographics on Pinterest and LOVE them!

    Our most loved item, would probably be our Ergo carrier. At 4.5 months I had to take my baby girl back to work with me (luckily it’s my hubby’s practice) and it was an absolute lifesaver at times! I was able to get work done and help patients while keeping baby girl happy. It has definitely seen quite a bit of use in the past 7 months! :)

    Thanks again!

  37. Jenny |

    The info graphic is awesome! I think the best baby item for us is either our cradle me swing or the ergo carrier. Baby z likes moving around.

  38. Brianna Caradine |

    No doubt the number one item I couldn’t have lived without was our Bobby pillow! It was perfect for us while my daughter, Alanna, was nursing. She was also very, very against laying on her stomach, so the pillow was the only way we could get in any tummy time. It helped so much as she was beginning to learn how to sit up, and now that she can do that perfectly, it makes a great pillow for me to snuggle with at night! :)

  39. Jordann |

    So excited that your doing this giveaway!!! Ahhh I love this and would love to have one for my daughters first Birthday in June! Your work is amazing! The one of my favorite baby items is my stroller, we love walks!!!! And so easy when shopping! :-)

  40. Lucy |

    Beautiful giveaway! I would love to review it in my blog too! I think my favorite baby product that got me thought the year are her Comotomo bottles!

  41. Terry Y |

    What an awesome giveaway!!
    My favorite baby item this year has to be, of all things, the panda rattle she received while she was in NICU. It has been a lifesaver!!

  42. Alicia Neurock |

    Would love to win an info graphic for my babies first bday!!! My fav baby product was definitely the boppy lounger pillow. It has grown so well with us! :)

  43. Stacey |

    Entering for my grand babys. I find the video baby moniters pretty cool!


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